Innovation. Wellness. Technology.

At Innovosens, our founders embody the spirit of pushing boundaries, celebrating achievements, learning from setbacks, and making strides towards the future. The Innovosens team is comprised of experts in Medical & wearable tech. They are united by a common goal: to make advanced multiparametric monitoring and personalized wellness management accessible to everyone.

We are passionate about using technology to improve people's lives.
We believe that our sensors have the potential to make a real difference in the world.

Our start

Innovosens was founded by a team of passionate individuals who are committed to using technology to improve people's lives. The team is led by the founder itself, who lost her father to type 2 diabetes. This personal experience inspired her to create a company that would develop innovative solutions for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

About the " Innovosens "

The company's name, Innovosens, is a combination of the words "innovate" and "sensors." This reflects the company's commitment to innovation and its focus on developing cutting-edge sensors that can provide people with valuable insights into their health.

Committed to health and well being for all

Spotlighting our achievements:
Celebrating recognition and success

At Innovosens, our dedication to excellence has been acknowledged by the industry and beyond. We're proud to share the accolades that inspire us to keep pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions. These awards validate our commitment to making a positive impact on health and wellness.

Innovosens has won numerous awards including the EU Commission’s Seal of Excellence, EIT Health Catapult Scandinavia, Venture Cup South Sweden in 2019, Vinnova Phase 1, Stenk Foundations SME Grant in 2019, completed SME Instrument Phase 1 to help fund development of the Company’s business plan and recently we won Eureka Eurostar grant with our UK partner.

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