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Vinnova Award 2019/20

Innovosens AB was funded by Vinnova in 2019/2022.

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EU Comission Seal of Excellence award - 2020

Innovosens AB is a seal of excellence awardee from EU comission.

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Sony Startup Acceleration 2021

Innovosens AB was awarded with Sony Startup Accelerator in 2021.

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Eureka Eurostar fund 2022

Innovosens AB was awarded with Eureka Eurostar funding in 2022.

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Tracking Up, the podcast from Innovosens that gives you an edge in optimizing your health and fitness!

On this show, we are all about giving you the tools, insights and motivation to help you level up your performance and live your best life. From cutting-edge wearable tech to nutrition hacks and mindset shifts - if it moves the needle, we're covering it.Whether you're a weekend warrior or elite pro, this show will make you rethink how you train, eat and see better gains. Check in twice a month for the lastest editions of Tracking Up!

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Unique features of Innovosens’s SMASH wearable sensor that will make your life healthier.

Are you worried about your blood sugar level every time you eat a donut? Or, you are a fitness lover who just wants to make sure the key health parameters are fine?

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How Glucose Impacts Metabolic Health

Optimal metabolic health, essential for overall well-being, involves stable energy, improved memory, sustained exercise endurance, healthy weight, mental health, and a strong immune system. Disrupted glucose metabolism, often due to poor dietary choices, leads to issues like insulin resistance and chronic diseases. Monitoring and managing blood sugar levels with tools like continuous glucose monitors are key to enhancing metabolic health and mitigating risks.

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What is Lactate Threshold?

Lactate threshold, a critical point in intense exercise, occurs when lactate accumulates faster than the body can remove it, impacting muscle performance. SMASH's real-time lactate monitoring optimizes training, reduces fatigue, and enhances athlete performance, minimizing injury risks.

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What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Why Does it Matter? What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

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Explaining the Science Behind Lactate Thresholds

Lactate thresholds play a crucial role in understanding and optimizing athletic performance, as well as monitoring metabolic health. With Innovosens' lactate sweat sensing device, we can delve deeper into the concept of lactate thresholds and their implications for individuals seeking to improve their fitness levels and overall well-being.

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