Published On: 20 Aug 2023

What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

written by Innovosens

What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Why Does it Matter? What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Why Does it Matter?

Metabolism is the engine that runs our body and glucose is one of the most important elements. In order to keep a healthy metabolic level, glucose patterns are very important. 

Continuous glucose monitors or CGMs for short are small, wearable sensors used to measure glucose concentration throughout the day from your bodily fluids, which can be blood or sweat. They provide real-time insights into how your body reacts to different meals and activities such as sleep and exercise.

Why Use a CGM?

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CGMs were originally developed to help people with diabetes to manage their sugar level, but now it is available for general consumers. Anyone who desires to keep track of their sugar levels to fuel their body, can use them. Here are few other reasons people use CGMs:

a) Weight loss

b) Inflammation 

c) Making a proper nutrition plan

d) Athletic performance

e) Mental health

A majority of people use CGMs for controlling their weight or achieving fitness goals. 

What do CGMs Measure? 

Research shows that glucose patterns or glycemic responses – in more technical terms – are very important biomarkers for health. It’s standard to have fasting glucose measured during an annual physical, but that represents a snapshot in time while glucose levels are dynamic throughout the day. There is significant variability in glucose levels with super-high spikes or steep dips. High glucose levels for extended periods are associated with an increased risk of developing several diseases. 

Food, exercise, and other factors like stress and sleep, all impact our glycemic pattern. But, there is significant variability between people and how they respond to food. For example, red beans may be nutritious , but they may cause a spike in my sugar level.

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Innovosens AB Presents a Non-Invasive CGM

People’s metabolism responds differently to different levels of food, highlighting a need for personalized guidance. Innovosens fills this need by leveraging a non-invasive continuous glucose monitor, the SMASH device, which can give real-time feedback. SMASH makes dynamic glucose data available to you so you can gain insight into your own glucose level spikes. You can learn about what factors impact them to more effectively manage your lifestyle.

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