Introducing the world's first

AI-Powered SMASH

Unlock your athletic potential with SMASH. Analyze lactate and hydration alongside diet and exercise to optimize performance. Harness the insights for peak athletic achievements.

Advanced multi-parametric analysis
Unlocking the power of lactate and hydration.

Harnessing the power of our proprietary algorithm, Innovosens has revolutionized data analysis within our app. By conducting comprehensive analyses of multiple key parameters, we uncover valuable patterns and draw meaningful conclusions to enhance your wellness and fitness journey.

Developed using real-time data gathered from athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our algorithm enables us to observe and interpret data in various permutations and combinations. This empowers you with unparalleled insights, guiding you towards optimal performance and well-being.

Power of innovation. SMASH

Unleash the power of SMASH and gain unprecedented insights into your health and performance.

Microfluidic sweat sensor

The non-invasive sensor detects and analyzes lactate, hydration and more.

Electronic reader

The portable device wirelessly communicates with the sensor for data collection.

Mobile application

Access real-time data, detailed graphs, and analytics for personalized insights.

Sweat is the new blood

A unique non-invasive method for monitoring key electrolytes such as lactate and hydration using sweat.

The wearable problem we fix.

No non-invasive method for real-time blood sugar level measurement.

Limited options are available for tracking blood lactate, hydration, and other parameters without the need for pricking.

Lack of solutions offering comprehensive analysis of lactate and hydration.

Existing fitness trackers lack this data and analytical insights.

What makes SMASH special

Pain-free and non-invasive wearable sweat sensor.

Lactate, Ketone, and Hydration Analysis

Continuous monitoring with proprietary algorithm

Real-time multiparametric measurements

Enhancing athletic performance

Unlock your athletic potential with SMASH. Analyze lactate and hydration alongside diet and exercise to optimize performance. Harness the insights for peak athletic achievements.

Lactate and hydration tracking

Track your lactate and hydration levels in real-time using our AI-powered app. Stay informed about fluctuations and trends to effectively track your wellness.

Lactate monitoring

Track lactate levels during workouts and physical activities to optimize performance. Adjust your exercise intensity based on lactate measurements for maximum results.

Real-time data

Access real-time data & multiparametric measurements directly on your mobile device for instant feedback. Stay connected to your health and wellness metrics anytime, anywhere with SMASH.

Why continuous monitoring is important for
fitness enthusiasts and athletes

Understanding lactose, hydration and exercise

Carbohydrates from food are converted into lactate and hydration, providing energy during physical activity. Monitoring lactate and hydration levels with the SMASH device helps modify diet plans for maximum workout efficiency.

Maximizing workout efficiency & fitness levels

Continuous lactate and hydration monitoring offers insights into lactate and hydration response during workouts, allowing individuals to optimize carbohydrate intake and enhance workout performance.

Personalized diet plans for peak performance

Using data from continuous lactate and hydration monitoring, individuals can tailor their diet plans to meet specific needs, optimizing carbohydrate intake for improved fitness outcomes.

Multi-Platform assistant: Simplifying your health journey

Connect. Track. Achieve.
Experience the convenience of our multi-platform assistant.

Our app is a multi-platform assistant that works with most devices. It allows you to measure parameters and input data manually. You can then export the data as a CSV file for use in programs like MS Excel.

Spotlighting our achievements
Celebrating recognition and success

At Innovosens, our dedication to excellence has been acknowledged by the industry and beyond. We're proud to share the accolades that inspire us to keep pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions. These awards validate our commitment to making a positive impact on health and wellness.

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