Published On: 20 Aug 2023

Unique features of Innovosens’s SMASH wearable sensor that will make your life healthier.

written by Innovosens

Are you worried about your blood sugar level every time you eat a donut? Or, you are a fitness lover who just wants to make sure the key health parameters are fine?

Are you worried about your blood sugar level every time you eat a donut? Or, you are a fitness lover who  just wants to make sure the key health parameters are fine? Do not worry, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are stressed about the same thing, and this is why we at Innovosens have come up with a unique solution for everyone. 

Innovosens is developing SMASH- (Sweat Metabolite Ananlysis" for sports and health) technology ,which is a non-invasive AI powered sweat wearable sensor for Glucose and key metabolites for early diabetes, athletes, and people seeking personalized healthcare. Yes, you read it correctly. You can just use your sweat now to keep track of your blood glucose concentration, ketone level, and cortisol.  Sounds intriguing, right ?? So, fasten your seat belts and stay with us to know more about the exciting new features of SMASH technology that will knock your socks off. 

1. Non-invasive.

Non-invasive method

Scientists have been looking for a quick and convenient way of measuring blood glucose, or how much sugar is floating around in your blood. We already have reliable tests to find that number , but they make the user stab themselves and draw blood each time. So developers have been looking at a way of measuring glucose and other key biomarkers without using blood at all. We have non-invasive wearable sensors for everything, from your heart rate to how many steps you take, so where is blood less glucose monitor? 

Well, now it is here. With Innovosens’s  SMASH technology, you can now use your sweat to do the same thing you were doing with blood. You probably don’t know this but Sweat not only helps the body to cool down but also provides information about a person’s metabolic state. The biofluid hosts a broad range of biomarkers, which can give a broad range of data about your physiology. The SMASH device is pain-free and prick-free, thus completely freeing users from the inconvenience of multiple, invasive, subcutaneous measurements each day. 

Say goodbye to needle pains forever because sweat is the new blood.


2. Continuous data collection on your phone.

People diagnosed with type 1, type 2, or pregnancy related diabetes know the importance of continuous data collection of blood glucose & and other parameters to manage diabetes. If the procedure is done regularly, it can indicate how well insulin supplements, medication, lifestyle changes, and other aspects of diabetes care are working to keep your glucose levels in check from elevating too high (hyperglycemia) or dipping too low (hypoglycemia).

SMASH is composed of the hardware device and disposable sensors which provide continuous monitoring of glucose, ketones and lactate levels, providing updated data each 20 minutes. Data collected are continuously transmitted to a mobile app and processed in real-time, thus enabling to monitor the evolution over time of biomarkers and correlate them with other parameters (e.g. diet, physical efforts, etc.).


3. AI powered device. 

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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases that is responsible for several deaths  in the United States. In 2015 alone, about 9% of the U.S. population was diagnosed with diabetes. In addition to that, about 34% were detected with  prediabetes. However, of those adults with prediabetes almost 90% of them were unaware of their condition. 

The statistics clearly show that this is high time to be more vigilant about prediabetes conditions. It is necessary for most people with prediabetes, also known as impaired glucose tolerance, to monitor their blood glucose concentration continuously. But, we have to be two steps ahead of this dreadful disease in order to beat it at an early stage, and that is why just tracking glucose level is not enough.  

SMASH device harness the power of Artificial intelligence to predict your symptoms, so that you can prevent it  by making changes to diet, physical activity level, and other aspects of lifestyle.


4.Simultaneous multiparametric analysis. 

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Glucose level is not the only thing SMASH is capable of detecting from your sweat. There are other important biomarkers that need to be monitored for a healthy life and SMASH can do the job with precision. It is the only device able to perform the analysis of multiple parameters , such as glucose, ketones, lactate and cortisol for diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive purposes. This allows the user to get unique insights on possible short- and long-term risks and trigger immediate or preventive responses.

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